In 1990 Vita Lains started working as a production secretary with Animatógrafo, on service production, specifically for the French TV movies market. For around 10 years her cooperation with that company and its service productions continued regularly. Meanwhile, she also worked on Portuguese feature film productions, as well as on commercial productions, for both national and international markets. She went through all stages of production work and in 1999 Vita Lains assumed the Production Manager position. Apart from her involvement in a couple of Portuguese feature films, she mainly focussed her work on commercials service production (specially at Filmes do Tejo). In 2004 she took over the leading of a service production branch on a successful Portuguese production company (Montaini Films) and her performance was a success for the company as well as for her career. Finally – as a natural consequence of all those
years – Vita Lains decided to create her own service production company: HOT SPOTS SERVICE PRODUCTIONS in November 2006.

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